Simulated Process Screen Printing

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Gabriel over at Pierced Heart came up with this complicated design / photo we printed for his new spring collection of t shirts. It’s a 3 color simulated process screen printed image.

Simulated Process Screen Printing is simply a method of printing photorealistic images while avoiding the standard Four Color Process (CMYK) separations. CMYK is limiting since it can generally only be used on light-colored garments. Simulated Process Screen Printing is a more advanced technique where we use precise halftones of a few ink colors to recreate the colors in the original design. This process differs from CMYK in that the inks are solid opaque colors usually printed on dark colored shirts. Because the shirt’s colors are normally dark, simulated process generally requires the use of a white under base to make the colors pop. We use Simulated Process because it works well on darker garments such as black, brown, dark gray or navy and the results are terrific. We are able to achieve detailed shading and photo-realistic prints while still using soft, water-based inks resulting in stunning detail with a professional retail quality look and feel.

This project was printed on a 100% cotton American Apparel tee with only two colors on 3 225 mesh S thread screens from Murakami. The print consists of a white under base, top grey, and top white. We were pleased with the depth and saturation we were able to achieve.

Click below to get an estimate and ask us if simulated process is right for your project. We will always recommend the absolute best print method for the job.

screen printing, simulated process printing method, how to print simulated process, sim process printing

Sim process screen print on American Apparel Summer T Shirt

A close up of the 55 dpi halftone.

A close up of the 55 dpi halftone.

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  • That looks very good and you can’t go wrong with an American Apparel shirt to print on. That white really pops out and took to the shirt well.

  • Jon @Superluxe says:

    American Apparel is fantastic! It prints so much nicer than most blanks on the market. We have printed on so many different manufacturers and each has their position within the market, but printing on AA makes us smile.

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