LuxeSoft™ Water Based & Discharge Printing

LuxeSoft™ Water Based & Discharge Printing

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We prefer to print with Superluxe Water Based inks whenever possible. The prints come out soft and breathable and the inks are more eco friendly. Superluxe water based inks can be mixed to make any color you desire. If you want to print on a dark colored garment and still want the soft hand Superluxe Water Base provides, we’ll use Superluxe Discharge printing. Superluxe Discharge inks actually remove the garment dye, taking it down to the natural fiber. We then replace it with the final color. It’s basically a selective bleach then re-dye of the shirt. Pretty awesome.

We generally suggest using 100% cotton garments for these processes. Some fabric colors such as kelly green, royal blue and purple resist the discharge process so we tend to steer away from those. Other fabric dyes react amazingly well. We will work with you to pick the best combination of apparel and inks for results you will love.


7 color water based print on the Next Level 6210 Men's CVC Crew.

7 color Superluxe Water Based™ print on the Next Level 6210 Men’s CVC Crew.



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